Report is generated with data from the database using Stored Procedure


The very first and fundamental step is to create a Stored Procedure.

In order to do that, it needs to be understood which fields are to be presented in a report.

That is more contextual, but here, let me focus on procedures.

(1) Create a Stored Procedure(.sql) on SQL Management Studio:

Select one that has already existed and do Right Click

> Choose “Script Stored Procedure as” : type a new name of the stored procedure


> “New Query Editor Window”

Then, the selected stored procedure will be copied with “CREATE¬† [table]”in the script.

Firstly, “Execute” the procedure with “CREATE [table]”, then, this copied stored procedure will be automatically saved/added in the Stored Procedure>Programmability.

Next, change “CREATE [table]” into “ALTER [table]”.


(2)Create a schema (.xml) on Visual Studio

(3)Create a report(.rpt) on Visual Studio

“Set Database Location”

(4)Create a usercontrol(.ascx) on Visual Studio

(5)Modify/Create a .net file-C#(.aspx)